How much does a kit yield and how many flushes?

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How many grams your mushroom kit yields per harvest varies between the type of mushrooms, its environment, and how the end-user looks after it. Below is a rough guide based on our experience and consumer feedback:

  • Side Fruiting Mushroom kits: Appox 300-700 grams per harvest (2-4 flushes, some reports of 7+ have happened)
  • Top Fruiting Mushroom Kits: Appox 300-700 grams per harvest (2-4 flushes)
  • Shiitake Mushrooms kits: Appox 200-600 grams per harvest (2-4 Flushes)

The mushroom block is the mushroom’s nutrients and food. The first couple of harvests will yield the most and then the amount will decrease each round as the mushrooms break down the block.

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