How to set up a perfect space for incubation of your Mushroom bags, jars and Agar plates to keep them clean


the most important thing for storage of your Pre sterilised substrate, grain or agar plates clean and free from problems is

this is for inoculated and uninoculated substrate, grains or agar plates in there sealed bags

Stable temperatures between 18-20 deg (using a temperature controller to maintain a good stable temperature will ensure no excess sweating)

  • once you get over 22deg the heat will cause excess sweating and moisture will build up
  • or if you have large temperature swings this will cause excess sweating
  • too much excess moisture will pull in problems through any micro holes
  • too much excess moisture will wet the filter and things can grow through wet filters really quickly if in a closed space


with constant light airflow 1 -2 room changes per hour

  • use a fan with a speed controller
  • add a pre filter at a minimum that filters down to .5 micron this will keep your space dust free and most spores out of your space
  • or use a HEPA filter as well as a pre filter and it will keep everything out
  • the constant moving air will keep things dry

Keep good spacing between your bags and products

no lighting is needed

If you can not maintain good airflow and stable cool temps below 20 deg we suggest waiting until the cooler months to do any growing as this will save you time and money :)