I am a beginner, where do I start?

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Yay! Welcome to the world of mushrooms :D

If you have never fruited a Gourmet or Medicinal mushroom before we recommend starting with a Ready to Fruit mushroom kit.

The best mushroom kits to start with are any of the oyster varieties as they provide a quick and satisfying harvest with pleasing yields.

Every mushroom type grows at a different rate, (even between each of the oysters), Eg Lions Mane provides a good harvest, however, grows slower.

Head over to our Ready to Fruit mushrooms page to browse the variety of mushrooms we provide https://aussiemushroomsupplies.com.au/product-category/mushroom-cultures/mushroom-kits/

Head over to our instructions page to download your relevant mushroom kit instructions https://aussiemushroomsupplies.com.au/instructions/



If you are a researcher and are keen to learn all you can about mushrooms and how they grow. Paul Stamets has written an amazing book and one we still refer to called: Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms. This is available to purchase on our website under books/DVDs.

Another great piece of information is the ‘Lets Grow Mushrooms DVD’ which you can google.


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