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Mushroom Grain Master Spawn Bag – 1.7kg – Shiitake ‘A Strain’ (Lentinula edodes)


Sold out!


Shiitake, ‘A Strain’ Wide range fruiting – Lentinula edodes – Master G1 Spawn is made to order. Please allow for 2-3 weeks, as all spawn is grown to order.


1 spawn bag can be used to inoculate up to 200kg of substrate.

Use a mixing ratio between 2% – 15% depending on your skill level.

Recommended substrate: Sterilized Sawdust

Incubation: 24°C for 10 – 12 weeks

Fruiting Temp: 16 – 24°C

Humidity: 85%


Please note this culture is sold with our Mushroom Spawn and Cultures sale agreement. By purchasing you agree to this agreement