Mushroom Grain Master Spawn Bag – 2.5kg – Swordbelt (Agrocybe aegerita)


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Swordbelt (Agrocybe aegerita) – Mushroom Grain Master Spawn – G1 Grain Spawn

Swordbelt Mushroom is also known as Black Poplar, Chestnut Mushroom, Yanagi-matsutake, Piopparello or Piopino and Südlicher Schüppling.

Very popular for their superb taste. Some say it even tastes like bacon!

Characteristics: Large fruitbodies, smooth, yellowish-grey- brown,

Temperature Range: Mid: 15-25 °C fruiting temperature

2Kg of fresh spawn can inoculate up to 100-300kg of bulk substrate depending on your skill level

*Please allow for 2-3 weeks, as all spawn is grown to order.

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