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IBRF and Vermiculite PF TEK JAR

You should get 3 good flushes of mushrooms – after each flush rest for 2-4 weeks then soak the blocks in water in the fridge overnight

Jars are 100% sterile and processed in our commercial autoclave

core bag temps are monitored during cooking to ensure they hit the correct temperature for the correct time

they are cooled in our custom class 100 mushroom laboratory

directions of use

Unbox as soon as they arrive and rest for 1 week, if no signs of problems show up inoculate (sometimes during shipping problems can happen)

email photos within 2 weeks of receiving if you have any issues before inoculation and we will replace any bags affected during shipping

Simply inject each jar with 1/4 of a ml through each hole in the lids against the side of the jar, (1ml total per jar) with your favorite mushroom spores or LC and keep at 20Deg until colonized

Check out our Large DIY kit instructions in the Instructions section

Oysters and other BRF mix loving mushrooms grow amazingly with these bags