My mushroom spawn has arrived damaged, what do I do?


Upon receiving your goods please check the correct goods have been sent and quantities. Please notify us immediately via email if goods are damaged. Unfortunately, this happens very rarely sometimes. Please accept your parcel and email us a photo of the box and the goods you received so we can cross-reference and check the original order notes. Please Note:

  • When your spawn arrives unbox it right away and check over. If it has broken up during shipping (it will be all mixed up and will look like bare seeds). Stand the bag up and sit somewhere dark around 20deg to recover for 1-2 days. (Some will grow back thicker and clearer than others, not all mycelium is/looks the same). After this, store the bag in the fridge at 1-4 deg for most types and they will be fine for 4-8 weeks. Some types like, Pink Oyster, Straw Paddy, Wood Ear can only be stored at 9-11 deg, colder than this and they will start to slowly die within 3-4 weeks, these warmer types we suggest using right away within 1-2 weeks of arriving.
  • If there is a slight hole in the spawn bag please take photos and email us.

Goods refused and returned to us unopened are classed as returns and are subject to our refunds and returns policy. Our email address is  


Refunds and Returns and cancellations

Returns are accepted if the buyer sends the goods back in the original condition within 2 weeks of receiving your item.

Refunds will be less any postage costs and a 10-20% restocking fee.

Cancellation of completed orders has a 10-15% fee to cover PayPal and bank fees as they do not refund us for payment fees, please only place orders if you want them.