2kg Uninoculated Mushroom Substrate Masters Mix Bag


9834 in stock (can be backordered)


2kg Master Mix (50/50 SoyHusks and Sawdust) Pre-sterilized Mushroom Substrate ready to be inoculated with your own mushroom spawn

(Spawn Not Included)

Great for Oysters and many gourmet Mushrooms (our best strains yield around 600-800grams from the first flush alone with these bags)


All the hard work has been done for you, the bag comes ready to inoculate


Aussie Mushrooms has been producing mushroom substrate for over 15 years and we have lots of Quality control measures in place to ensure every bag we make is made perfectly and correctly


all bags are properly sterilized and we can supply a sterilization certificate on request, all bags we monitor the core temperature to ensure the correct heat and time is achieved during sterilization (no guesswork assuming it all worked)


Bags are then cooled and sealed in our Commercial class 100 Laboratory (all workers enter labs in new full PPE each time we go in)


we manufacture our bags Fresh every week, substrate is supplied in our Large  .2 micron filter bag to ensure the bag stays sterile


we recommend spawning your bag inside a still airbox or in front of a flow hood


when the bag arrives unbox it right away and keep it somewhere cool and dry


wait 1 week to ensure nothings contaminated the bag during shipping


– if so please send a photo within 2 weeks of it arriving (unopened)

and we will replace it,  if anything’s happened during transit it will show up within a week

after the 1 week you know your bags 100% clean and ok to use

as our bags are perfectly sterile you only need 1-2 tablespoons of spawn if done in a clean enough environment.

(we have other listings for small spawn packets)

incubate at 20deg once spawned until colonized

Please note once the bag has been opened your on your own, if not done in a clean enough space it will contaminate and we can’t offer any warranties for your work.

allow 5-8 working days for them to be made and shipped,

Thank you