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150 Gram Sample Spawn Pack – Tan Oyster (Pleurotus Ostreatus)


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Tan Oyster (213) – Pleurotus ostreatus – Spawn

This is a fast-growing and easy to fruit mushroom.

This strain (213) is drought resistant with fruitbodies firm in texture and a woody-nutty-ness to it. It really has a wild flavour.

Growers of this strain, state that they have 3-5 flushes obtaining in the first flush 50% BE. In addition, they noticed that strain is bacterial and blotch resistant.

Characteristics: The mid-large brownish caps, with a centrally or eccentrically attached stem of fibrous-woody consistency, are characteristic for this particular strain.

Temperature Range:  (10-26 °C) wide-range fruiting temperature.

Recommended Substrate: Straw, Hardwood sawdust, corn cobs, paper, leaves or agricultural wastes, cotton wastes, husks and stalks of sunflower, coffee wastes.

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