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Agar culture plate – “Wood Ear” Auricularia auricula


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Agar culture plate – “Wood Ear” – Auricularia auricula

Type: Auricularia auricula is an edible mushroom, and is particularly popular in Asian cuisine. It has a non-distinctive taste, is enjoyed mainly for its texture.

Characteristics: Wavy and irregular; often more or less ear-shaped but sometimes oval, elliptical, fan-shaped, cup-shaped, or irregular in outline; 2–5 cm across; thin; usually gathered together and attached at a central or lateral position; upper, fertile surface brown to reddish-brown, bald, sometimes wrinkled in places; lower, sterile surface finely hairy when fresh and young, creating a whitish bloom over the brown to reddish-brown surface; flesh thin, gelatinous-rubbery; entire fruiting body becoming hard and black when dried out.

Substrates: Hardwood logs or sawdust

Temperature: 21-30°C

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