Ball Elite BLUE wide mouth pint jars and Lids 4 Pack


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The Ball® Collection Elite® Color Series jars perfect for all of your home-canning needs…or as a collector’s item! Each jar is made in the USA of colored glass and is safe for canning and food storage.


  • 4 blue Regular Mouth Pint (16 oz.) jars
  • 4 standard Wide Mouth Lids
  • 474ml
  • Made in the USA

16 oz. Jars (Freezer Safe, Pressure Canning Safe) – Ideal for Jams, Jellies, Conserves, Preserves, Fruit Syrups, Chutneys, Pizza Sauce

Please Note: 

**When filling freezer-safe jars, leave ½-inch headspace to allow for the expansion of food during freezing.

Jar Size: 75mmW x 130mmH (474ml)

Jar Mouth size: Wide mouth 86mm

Type: Glass jar with 2-piece lid

Colour: Blue

NOTE: Light hand washing only 

NOTE: Blue is available in 3 sizes while stocks last. (Half Pint, Pint & Quartz)