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Mushroom Grow Kit – King Oyster (Small Cap) (Pleurotus Eryngii)


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King Oyster – Pleurotus eryngii – Grow Kit

Bright white stems with a brown top. King oysters are arguably the best tasting mushroom that you can grow at home.  Medium difficulty to cultivate. Only Grows in winter.

Once you have finished fruiting your kit, break it up and mix it with some hardwood wood chips and you can have Kings fruiting naturally throughout the winter!

Type: choice edible, medicinal usage and compounds, research

Characteristics: White and brown coloured fruitbodies

Best Temperature Range: Low 10-16°C fruiting temperature


Due to the extra skill needed, we would recommend this kit to a grower who has moved on from the novice stage.

(its a more advanced Mushroom to grow)


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