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Mushroom Grow Kit – Australian Coral Tooth/Snowflake (Hericium Coralloides) – NO shipping to WA


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Australian Native Coral Tooth – Hericium Coralloides – Grow kit

Cloned from a wild fruit body of an Australian Hericium coralloides we found in the Otway National Park Victoria Australia in 2019 – finally,

after a year of working on this strain in the lab, we are able to now offer it as a reliable fruiting strain.

This strain, dubbed ‘Snowflake’ by local commercial growers is an absolutely delicious mushroom, popular with top chefs, and is now is an award-winning fungus. 

Type: choice edible, medicinal usage and compounds, research

Characteristics: White eggshell colour similar to look and texture of coral from the sea. 

Best Temperature Range: 12-20 degrees temperature

Ready-to-grow mushroom kit:  YouTube video


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