Sawdust, Hardwood 4 liter Bag



Sawdust 4L bag used for growing wood loving mushrooms like Shiitake. See our best recipe and method for mixing below. 

It can be used in the PF Tek also with Brown Rice flour instead of the mixture below.




→ 100 parts hardwood sawdust

→ 10 parts Wheat Bran

→ 1 part gypsum (calcium sulphate)



→ Water until moist and well soaked through. 

→ Drain or squeeze out excess water. The substrate should be damp but not wet. 

→ Pack into autoclavable bags and sterilized from 1-4 hours at 15 psi depending on the volume of the substrate. Larger volumes need a longer sterilization time to heat the core enough for complete sterilization. 

→ Depending on the type of bag and method of inoculation, the bags can be sealed before or after sterilization.