Can you tell me about the quality of Aussie Mason Jars?

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Yes below is our frequently asked questions. Aussie Mason jars are:

  • Made from American FDA Approved Tempered glass
  • Are BPA free
  • Made from the highest quality flawless glass with a crystal clear finish
  • Hot Water Bath & Pressure Canning Safe
  • Jars with straight sides are Freezer safe – with correct headspace allowance
  • A wide range of sizes are available from 120ml – 1L
  • There are lots of styles available Quilted, Plain, and Decorative
  • All jars come with 2 piece preserving lids, a single-Use Flat lid that has its own inbuilt seal, and a reusable screw-on band to hold the lid in place during the preserving process
  • Are manufactured in China

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