How do I use my Co2 bag?

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Aussie Mushroom Supplies CO2 bag

Supplies CO2 for up to 6 months+ for 4 – 6 plants – or 1 bag per  1.2m x 1.2m x 2m of area


100% Australia made and freshly grown.

Hasn’t been travelling around the world for months like other international brands on the market.



Rooms with roof air extraction, place under / below plants so CO2 is sucked through the canopy

Or if extraction is below, hang bags from the roof

all you need too do is sit the block in your grow room, and it will work on its own

– you do not need to do anything to the bag

– The white filter patch allows for the perfect air exchange to happen and is required to ensure your bag last the full 6 months, **do not remove this**

if your not ready to use your bag right away put it in the fridge to keep it asleep



100% Australian Made and grown

We make new stock every week so you get the freshist bags possible which is important with mushroom fungus for peak performance

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