King Stropharia

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To prepare your hardwood wood chips
Soak in water for 2-3 weeks
this causes them to go black and yucky
– it can take longer if it’s not warm enough to get things going.
Lay your wood chips out a few inches deep somewhere to air out
(the oxygen kills the water-born bacteria after 30-60min).
The best way to prepare your garden bed to dig down approx  30-40cm deep.
Get some corrugated cardboard and pull it apart to expose the corrugations inside.
Lay it along the bottom of your prepared dug-down area and soak it down with water.
This cardboard base gives the mycelium a good base to hang onto.
Sprinkle some spawn evenly across the cardboard.
Then add a layer of wood chips around 5-10cm thick.
Next sprinkle some more spawn, more wood chips,
more spawn, and so on with a final 10cm Layer of wood chips.
The best place for your Mushroom bed is somewhere shaded,
around the base of a tree or along the side of a shed where it will be in the shade most of the day.
It must be an area that gets a good soaking each time it rains to help trigger fruiting :)

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