Oyster Kits / Side fruiting extra flushes, do I turn my block around, cut a new X, soak in water?

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make sure all the bits of mushrooms are picked off the substrate

do not put your block in the fridge, just leave it where you were fruiting it.

(if you put it in the fridge it will go to sleep and leave the mushroom mycelium vulnerable to other things starting to grow on it)

after 2 weeks (or if mushrooms start growing again before then)  start misting again

-each species and depending on the temperatures will take different times to re-flush

later flushes do take longer to come through so hang in there they will come when ready :)

Another option people like to do
after the 2 weeks
wrap the block up in cling wrap
then cut a new x on the opposite side you fruited on last time

if your block feels very light it may need a soak in cooled boiled water (or distilled) overnight

after 2-3 flushes it may need to soak in water to rehydrate the block, (use cooled boiled or distilled or spring water)

Mushrooms are mainly water so more water = more mushrooms

submerge the block in water for 12-24 hours, and drain all the excess water away, when you start misting again you wont have to mist as much as the block is full of water again


  • the record so far is 8 flushes from an oyster block can you beat it :)

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