Replacement Warranty for Pre sterilised Bags, Jars and Plates – Steps required

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Jars and Bags and Agar plates are made to order every week to ensure freshness and quality

They are 100% sterile and processed in our commercial autoclave

core temps are monitored during cooking to ensure they hit the correct temperature for the correct time (no guesswork assuming its cooked correctly)

they are then sealed in our  custom class 100 mushroom laboratory and we place open nutrient-filled agar plates around the room to ensure there’s no chance bags could be contaminated while sealing

directions of use

Unbox as soon as they arrive and rest for 1 week,

keep in a dark cool area below 20deg

(not the fridge, fridges are only for putting your mushrooms to sleep for storage)

(not in temps over 20,  22-24 deg starts getting too hot and the bags will sweat and pull problems in) – Stable cool temps will prevent sweating

if its too warm in your state / area wait until cooler seasons to grow

it must have good airflow (so not locked in a cupboard or sealed/closed box)

filters work only when they are dry!

so if you leave them sealed in a box or in a closed space to long they will get wet from the grains then anything can grow in through the filter on the moisture, and once 1 bag or jar contaminates it will jump from bag to bag / jar to jar


if no signs of problems show up inoculate (sometimes during shipping problems can happen)

email photos within 2 weeks of receiving if you have any issues before inoculation and we will replace any affected during shipping

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