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Bulk Commercial Mushroom Spawn (10 Bags – Up To 5 Varieties) – Wholesale available to Mushroom farms


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Winter White Oyster

Winter Choclate

Monster Blue Oyster

Ulmarius Oyster

Tan Oyster

Grey Oyster

Queensland White Oyster

Black Pearl Oyster

Phoenix Oyster

Pink Oyster

Yellow Oyster

Lions Mane

Coral Tooth/Snowflake

Australian Native Coral Tooth - Hericium Coralloides - Ready to use Spawn bag

Shiitake 3782

Shiitake China High Yield

Baby King S Oyster

King Oyster L Cap

Blue Shimiji

Mushroom Spawn Bag 1.7kg - Wine Cap Mushroom (Stropharia rugosoannulata) EASY TO GROW -  NO shipping to WA


PLEASE NOTE: If you are NOT using your Mushroom Spawn bags straight away, store them in the fridge.

BULK DEAL 10 bags of our Commercial Mushroom Spawn in up to 5 types of mushrooms


Each spawn bag can inoculate eg 80 – 100+ x 2.5 sterilized sawdust and bran or masters mix bags

or 80kg+ of straw depending on your skill level.

Please note this culture is sold with our Mushroom Spawn and Cultures sale agreement. By purchasing you agree to this agreement