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Bulk Commercial Mushroom Spawn (10 Bags – Up To 5 Varieties) – Wholesale available to Mushroom farms


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Winter White Oyster

Winter Choclate

Monster Blue Oyster

Ulmarius Oyster

Tan Oyster

Grey Oyster

Queensland White Oyster

Black Pearl Oyster

Phoenix Oyster

Pink Oyster

Yellow Oyster

Lions Mane × 2

Shiitake 3782

Shiitake China High Yield

King Oyster L Cap

Blue Shimiji

Mushroom Spawn Bag 1.7kg - Wine Cap Mushroom (Stropharia rugosoannulata) EASY TO GROW -  NO shipping to WA


PLEASE NOTE: If you are NOT using your Mushroom Spawn bags straight away, store them in the fridge.

BULK DEAL 10 bags of our Commercial Mushroom Spawn in up to 5 types of mushrooms


Each spawn bag can inoculate eg 80 – 100+ x 2.5 sterilized sawdust and bran or masters mix bags

or 80kg+ of straw depending on your skill level.

Please note this culture is sold with our Mushroom Spawn and Cultures sale agreement. By purchasing you agree to this agreement

If you are after bulk amounts or regular supply please email us to make sure we can fit it in