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Home Growing mushroom cultivation with our BRF and Vermiculite PF TEK Jars, expertly designed for a variety of mushrooms, including oyster and other BRF-compatible species. These jars are tailored for both beginners and seasoned growers, aiming for a high-yield harvest.

100% Sterility for Optimal Growth Each jar is rigorously sterilized in a commercial autoclave, ensuring a contamination-free environment for your mushrooms. This process is vital for maintaining the purity and efficacy of the substrate, setting the stage for a successful cultivation experience.

Controlled Temperature and Cooling During processing, we closely monitor the core temperatures to maintain the ideal heat level for mushroom growth. After sterilization, the jars are cooled in our specialized Class 100 mushroom laboratory, ensuring they are ready for inoculation and handling.

Easy Inoculation and Care Instructions Upon arrival, let the jars rest for a week to settle. If no issues arise, inoculate each jar with 1/4 ml of your chosen spores or liquid culture through the lid holes, totaling 1 ml per jar. Keep them at a steady 20 degrees Celsius until fully colonized. In case of any shipping-related issues, reach out to us with photos within two weeks of receiving the jars for replacements.

Consistent Harvests and Rehydration Our jars are engineered for up to three robust flushes of mushrooms. After each harvest, rest the substrate for 2-4 weeks and rehydrate by soaking in water overnight in the fridge. This process revitalizes the substrate, readying it for another flush.

Guidance and Support For comprehensive instructions and additional tips, refer to our Large DIY Kit in the Instructions section. We provide detailed guidance to ensure a smooth and rewarding cultivation process.

In summary, these jars offer a sterilized, temperature-controlled, and user-friendly solution for efficient mushroom cultivation, promising multiple harvests and an enriching experience.