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Bulk grower pack Mushroom kits bare bags, upto 8 bags mixed types 2 of each minimum – FREE SHIPPING TO 90% OF AUSTRALIA – NO PO BOXES


Mushroom Kit - Shimofuri (Black Pearl / Marbled) (Pleurotus Ostreatus) × 2

Mushroom Kit - White Oyster (Pleurotus Ostreatus)

Mushroom Kit - Ulmarius Oyster (Pleurotus Ostreatus)

Mushroom Kit - Monster Blue/Pearl (Pleurotus Ostreatus)

Mushroom Kit - Lions Mane (Hericium erinaceus) - NO shipping to WA

Mushroom Kit - Australian Coral Tooth/Snowflake (Hericium Coralloides) - NO shipping to WA

Mushroom Kit - Tan Oyster (Pleurotus Ostreatus)

Mushroom Kit - Summer Chocolate (Pleurotus Pulmonarius)

Mushroom Kit - Pink Oyster (Pleurotus Djamor)

Mushroom Kit - Yellow Oyster (Pleurotus Citrinopileatus)

Mushroom Kit - Grey Oyster (Pleurotus Ostreatus)

Mushroom Kit - Winter Choclate (Pleurotus Ostreatus)

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Choose up to 8 Mushroom kits, minimum 2 per type order up to 5 different types of mushrooms


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