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Liquid Culture Syringe – Pink Oyster (Pleurotus djamor) 20ml syringe


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Pink Oyster – Pleurotus djamor – Liquid culture

This strain produces striking clusters of bright pink fruitbodies that are hardy, fast-growing, and contamination resistant. They grow well on BFR vermiculite cakes, straw logs, and hardwood substrates.

Higher than average fruiting temperature, between 18-28 °C.

Liquid Culture Syringes are usually kept stock, if not they take approx. 3 weeks to be made.

Liquid culture is a mycelial culture grown in a sterile, nutritious solution. This is usually a mixture of water and basic sugars to feed the culture. Liquid culture tech is a great method to innoculate grain jars or PF Tek jars/bags, especially in less sterile environments eg home growers.

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